Spectral Radiance (2020) is the latest interactive, special gold printed couture design by Maartje Dijkstra, developed in collaboration with creative programmer and music producer Beorn Lebenstedt aka Newk. This bold piece is totally manual 3D printed, meaning using a 3D printer pen as a tool to created this gold and black structured design. After printing it is sculptured together by hand using shimmering gold colored threads. The production process – that is of great importance to the artist – bears witness to the synergistic potential of cutting edge technology and the respect for craftsmanship. The dress contains eight controllable light elements that respond to music that was written specifically for the project by Newk. The elements enable the dress to react with various light-effects to rhythm and tone. The light thereby has the character of bodily ornament, not just an additional layer. By returning to an organic language of pulses and flows, the project reminds us how very susceptible our behavior is to music.

Credits: video- Local Androids, muha- Joyce Kern, model- Merel Human Models, location- AVL Mundo Rotterdam