Optic Traces (2018) is a sculptural couture design by fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra. The dress is totally manual 3D printed, meaning using a 3D printer pen as a progressive tool to create unique fabrics. The base of the dress is made from white, hand executed leather parts, covert with big ice blue hand printed crystals and shimmering surfaces. This dress is printed in a special way, creating layers by using black 3D print filament that covert transparent white surfaces, transforming it into this beautiful color. The printed crystals contain traces and almost a collage of different structures like squared mirrored surfaces and details of baroque objects. They form traces of simmering light and will break the light into different eagles when wearing it, showing a interaction between the design and its surroundings. Inspiration that led to this spherical piece are influences and details from the Baroque period, ‘dead nature’ like ivory and melancholic, dark and loud sounds/ music.The dress was presented for the first time during GOGBOT in collaboration with Con-seq aka Newk and C02RO.

Credits- Catwalk photo’s: Lexus show Dusseldorf, Video and photo’s: Local Androids, music by Con-seq aka Newk, light design by Co2RO, make-up artist- Darien Touma, model- Noelle Nijhof,