DENZIPFADEN (2012) was developed by fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra and creative programmer and music producer Beorn Lebenstedt. This design combines fashion, electronic music and technology into an atmospheric men’s design that allows a performer to change the volume of its music and add samples -or anything else that you might do with a midi-controller- by pulling on the six golden zippers on the suit and a bracelet. The design is completely handcrafted out of golden silk/polyester wires and custom made golden zippers. The development of the suit is very specific to the way that Maartje Dijkstra designs, using laborious, hand executed methods in combination with integrated technology to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Although the design is technical it was designed specifically not to appear that way, making the midi-controller function of the piece secondary to its function as a couture design. Of course keeping the technology hidden also adds a great element of surprise to a performance.

Credits: fashion design and styling: Maartje Dijkstra, music and technology: Newk, photograph: Michele Pauty, Model: Edgar Retro (Mother Agency) Makeup: Chris Schreiber, Location: Aux Gazelles Vienna, Austria