Hard Core Vein (2015) is a couture design (first prototype) by fashion design Maartje Dijkstra and music producer Newk. The idea started with black and white surrealistic, hand drawn prints that became an important aspect of her fashion label’s signature. This design was created by translating a drawing into a 3D model, bringing it to life. The black lines of the illustration, became a functional and interactive fashion piece by making the lines three dimensional, creating ‘veins’. The connected network of veins where 3D printed out of transparent PET filament, in 5 parts. Important was to maintain the personal handwriting of original illustration within the digital 3D printed design. The idea extended by adding black ink inside the printed veins, running through the design on the beats of music like blood through a vein on a heartbeat, using pumps. To keep the design individualistic she combined the digital 3D printing parts with hand executed details of black polyester wires.

Credits: Music: Con -Seq aka Newk , technology: Studio AAN, liquid design: Ruben Mafura, 3D computer design: Walter van Tuijl,  3D printing: 3D printing Pro, video: Timo Kreitz and Elisa Gomez Alvarez,  muha video: Berry Ruijsch, funding: Creative industries fund NL