OBSTRUCTION (2012) is a Couture x technology x performance design that is created by performance artist Po Ting Lee (TW) and fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra (NL) within the artist in residency program at V2 Rotterdam. The design, that is created for a dancer, is translating the thought if technology is always a positive thing, it being an obstruction in our lives. The performance shows this by a black and white projection that is covering the dress while dancing. When the dark lines of the projection hits the design, parts will come out of the dress and obstructs the dancer to move. When it is hits the white lines the parts will go inside again so there is freedom to move.

Credits: video and concept: Po Ting Lee, fashion design and styling: Maartje Dijkstra, photographer/technology: Po Ting Lee, model: Maxime Hoogendoorn, make-up: Joyce Kern, location: Worm Rotterdam