3DDD (3D Drum Dress) is a Couture x technology design I created for a Berlin based drummer/ performance artist. The custom designed, coral dress is totally manual 3D printed, meaning using a 3D printer pen as a progressive tool to create fabrics. All the printed patterns are connected by hand with special coral polyester wires and some parts are finished with copper colored leather. The styling elements like shoes and jewelry items are also created in this manner. The 8 custom, digital 3D printed pads, light up and interact on music when hitting them, creating a functioning drum machine to perform with on stage.


Model- Lizzy, Fashion Design and styling: Maartje Dijkstra, 3D pad programmer: Ahmad A. Taleb, 3D pad modeling: Ana Beatriz Albertini Dantas, 3D printing: Oonur Kaba, photographer: Timo Frank, make up: Gianna Gooss, hair: Katharina Seel, location: Embassy of the Netherlands