In 2006, she graduated in fashion design at the ARTEZ Art Academy in Arnhem, the Netherlands. During her study, she did an internship at the company of Alexander McQueen in London, where her interest in Couture developed more and more. After her graduation she decided not to work for a big fashion house where she had to create another designer’s story and dream. she choose to start her own Couture label, to be free to perform the art of designing, to create her own story. She designs sculptural hand executed fashion and jewelry collections and bombastic, interactive Couture designs that became an essential part of her label’s signature.

In fashion, I believe innovation starts by imagination”

The use of sculptural shapes originated from the fascination and freedom to alienate the body in a strange way, using fashion as a tool. Other important sources of inspiration crucial for her design process are imagination, electronic music and complexity in nature. She makes a distinction between fashion and clothes. Fashion design serves observation and inspiration, creating an individual story. She regard fashion design as art, feeling an extreme connection with creating. By using the individual skills of the artist to build a three dimensional object, a sculpture translates imagination and thoughts. Clothes are designed and produced to wear in our daily live and have to be practical. In her work as a fashion designer, there is less focus on practicality and therefore, she have the freedom to create and show possibilities. She has a fascination for what lies ahead, designing with the future in mind.

This mindset emerged from her early interest in science fiction, triggering imagination and showing possibilities of technology, without restrictions. In her work, this fascination is reflected by integrating technology and craftsmanship into an inseparable whole, creating a unique style.