Reflect Horridus (2015) Thorny/beastly/dark reflection. The inspiration for this couture collection came from my interest in loud and melancholic electronic music, special material combinations and unique surfaces and structures. This fascinating aspect I found with the ‘Moloch Horridus ‘, a small lizard also named the Thorny Devil. It protects itself with spikes that are covering his entire body. This dangerous exterior in combination with fragility and extremely detailed surfaces became an important accept and inspiration when developing this collection. I created designs that look powerful in color, styling and silhouettes combined with fragile material use like thin reflecting glass, almost breakable. Reflection glass (normally used for traffic signs) gave the pieces in the collection and the material itself another function. It enriched and transformed in color and shimmer depending on the eagles. The reflection part in this collection also resembles my view on fashion, to stay open for my own imagination and individuality as a designer using fashion as a platform where everything is possible.