New fashion collection by Maartje Dijkstra named Reflect Horridus SS 2015, presented during the Berlin Alternative Fashion week October 2014.

Reflect Horridus - Thorny/beastly/dark reflection. 

The inspiration for this collection came from my interest in loud/spherical/melancholic electronic music/sounds, unique materials and nature, particular the wired looking animal- Moloch Horridus- a lizard named thorny devil, that protect itself with its amazing looking spikes that are covering his entire body. Because of this bizarre skin this animal is very dark and mysterious looking, but at the same time the creature is so small and fragile, that when you look up close, so many details will show. This is an important aspect in creating this collection.The pieces, that are very spherical/ powerful looking because of the sculptural and brutal silhouettes, are combined with details that are very fragile like silk wires and reflection glass, almost breakable, but very strong in combination with the shapes. The reflection glass, normally used for traffic signs, give the pieces in the collection and the material itself another function, a richness, almost like shiny jewelry. The reflection part in this collection also resembles my view on fashion, to stay open for my own imagination and individuality and not take part of the mass industry that makes fashion so transitory. For me fashion is a platform where everything is possible and is not limited to wearability. 


Fashion designs, styling and hairpieces: Maartje Dijkstra

Photographer: Igor Kruter

Model: Mirdith T'hooft

Make-up: Darien Touma and Joyce Kern

Hair: Annabella Smol de Jong

Video: Tommy de Roos a.k.a. FFF

Credits Catwalk:

Photographer: Michael wittig

Muha: Berry Ruijsch