Maartje Dijkstra (1982) is a Dutch fashion designer that is studio based in Rotterdam The Netherlands. She studied at ARTEZ Arnhem (NL) where she graduated in Fashion Design. She did an internship at the company of Alexander McQueen in London, where her interests in couture developed. In 2008 she started her couture X technology label, where she designs innovative, sculptural and highly detailed fashion collections, jewelry pieces and sculptural designed couture, combined with integrated technologies that interact with electronic music. An important element within her work is that she merges delicate hand-executed materials and techniques with innovative technologies to maintain an individualistic style. A technique she developed is ‘manual 3D printing’, meaning using a 3D printer pen as a tool to create unique fabrics. Also a signature within her label are the unique and bombastic shapes in design and special styling elements. The use of sculptural shapes comes from the fascination and freedom to alienate the body in an strange way using fashion. She literately hand sculpture her designs out of an abundance of wires and small printed shapes, repeated, like cells together create a organism. To be able to create she uses the power of her own imagination, complexity in nature and loud/fast/dark electronic music as her biggest inspiration sources. Her view on fashion is to design with the future in mind, not looking back to much.